What’s New? LAC digitizes the Lord Elgin Collection

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has announced that the Lord Elgin Collection is now digitized and available online.

Acquired from the Elgin family in 2008, the collection comprises records and documents accumulated by James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin and 12th Earl of Kincardine, his wife, children, and two of his brothers during their stays in North America.

The website dedicated to the Lord Elgin Collection, which features thousands of digitized images, was discussed yesterday in Ottawa at a meeting between the Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, and Ms. Fiona Hyslop, Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs.

Of interest in the collection are the correspondence and items collected by Lady Elgin, which include letters, diaries, sketches and watercolours. This part of the collection offers insight into the role of the vice-regal family, their relationships, and the role of women during the mid-1800s when Lord Elgin served as Governor-in-Chief of the Province of Canada.

The collection also provides a window into communication channels; the process of creating and preserving records from the 1830s to 1909; and Canada’s close ties to the Elgin family over the past 150 years.

Under a formal agreement with the National Archives of Scotland, LAC completed 2,225 individual descriptions for textual and graphic records, which link to the 11,570 digitized images of the website.

Visit the Lord Elgin website today!

The Scottish Government issued a press release about this event at:

For more information on recent announcements at LAC, visit “News”.

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  1. It’s a four step process to do just a basic search. Why not help you patrons by providing a dedicated search form without the need to fill in the MIKAN reference, etc on a different page from the instructions.

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