Notice to our Users: Blog Updates

Over the next few weeks, the Library and Archives Canada Blog will be changing its layout in order to better suit the needs of our users.
At times, the blog may not be accessible, or may be slow.
We will inform our users once the blog resumes its normal functions.

We appreciate your patience in this matter.  As always, we invite your comments and questions.

-The Library and Archives Canada Blog Team

10 thoughts on “Notice to our Users: Blog Updates

  1. do you still take books that are published by Canadians? I have five books I have written, I would like to mail a copy of the books

  2. i am looking for records involving robert perry born in us in1773, migrated to canada. preached in canada west also in niagara,ottawa and wolf island. he died in canada,possibly in farmersville, he was a methodist,,

  3. Buena tarde. Soy colombiana y tengo que realizar un trabajo sobre el “DESARROLLO DE LA LITERATURA CANADIENSE” , he visitado varias bibliotecas y no encuentro información. Comedidamente les solicito si es posible orientarme con bibliografía, artículos o libros. El trabajo académico lo debo entregar el 28 de octubre.

  4. I have been in the habit of visiting the LAC blog from the Collections Canada website. Recently I found that the link to the blog had disappeared from this website. I tried the link to the new main website, but this did not provide a link to the blog. I hope that the link to the blog – I am sure it must be somewhere – will soon be restored to its former prominence.

      • So far the link to the blog has not appeared in the Stay Connected section. However if one goes to “contact us” in the insert at the top explaining about the new website, there is a link to the blog. Hope the new website can soon be improved to be more helpful and less busy.

  5. I am curious as to just WHEN the 1921 Canadian Census material will be available to researchers…. it seems long overdue!!

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