Census of 1861 now available online

Library and Archives Canada is pleased to announce that the Census of 1861 is now available online. Information was collected for people living in Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Canadians can search this new database by nominal information, such as the surname, given name(s) and age of an individual, as well as by geographical information such as district and sub-district names.

5 thoughts on “Census of 1861 now available online

  1. Every week a new set of census data made available! But nothing about the 1921 Census of Canada. The microfilm should have been available to researchers two months ago. Where is it? We now know, but not from LAC, that the images, a geographic index and documentation were ready over a half dozen years ago and that this material has been held by LAC for several months. Would whoever is responsible for the delay in releasing this material please stand up and take a bow!

    • I posted this comment on Friday, 2 August. It is still (Friday, 9 August) “awaiting moderation.” The 1921 Census has been made available online on Ancestry.ca, not on the LAC website. No word on the microfilm, and nothing has been said about this on the blog.

  2. your database is terrible for people looking to see for themselves the 1861 census. As a researcher I know the mistakes that have been made by people with no knowledge of the names of the people in the area the census is from for people that do not know they will accept any info given to them. a vary bad idea not letting us see for our self the actual census as written.

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