Census of Canada 1921 Now Available to Researchers

5 thoughts on “Census of Canada 1921 Now Available to Researchers

  1. I cannot believe that LAC has given Ancestry control over the 1921 census—-I cannot access the 1921 data unless I sign on to Ancestry with one of their sleasy “free” account scams….I refuse to sign onto Ancestry for anything and I am extremely disappointed that the Canadian government has given away public access to census data to this company. Census info should be readily available to the public on the LAC website!

  2. “Census of 1921 now available to researchers” – short and not very informative. After the excitement of the countdown and the long silence this is how it ends, not with a bang but a whimper.
    Has the microfilm at last made its way to the third floor of the Library and Archives building on Wellington? Or does the arrangement that has been made with Ancentry prevent that? Is this another case of secret agreements secretly arrived at?

  3. This is great news to a degree – it seems a little worrisome that Ancestry has the digital copies and are going to index – looks like we will end up paying in the end – also I have been going through Alberta and trying to find where Drumheller Alberta fits in – choices are few and have to try and figure out what subdistricts small towns fall into – tonight been at it for 3 hours with terrible results. Good Canadian citizens would gladly have volunteered their time to do the date entry for the end result being access at LAC for free and for all Canadians.

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