Fruits of the Library and Archives Canada and partnership starting to appear online

The partnership between Library and Archives Canada and over the next ten years involves the digitization, indexing and description of millions of personal, administrative and government documents. It will triple LAC’s digital content on the Web, and allow Canadians to access tens of millions of additional images regardless of where they live, at no charge.

We will be adding new content regularly to the Héritage website. The following is a list of the microfilms digitized since June 2013 and currently available online, representing a total of 2.1 million images:

  • Alexander Harris fonds
  • Alphonse Fournier fonds
  • Baring Brothers and Company fonds
  • Canadian Labour Congress fonds
  • Civil Secretary’s letter books of Upper Canada
  • Clifford Sifton fonds
  • Correspondence and drafts of enclosures to dispatches from the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada
  • Correspondence of the deputy minister and the adjutant general
  • Daniel Claus and family fonds
  • David Brown Milne fonds
  • Despatches from the Colonial Office
  • Despatches received and sent by the offices of the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, the Governors of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, the Lieutenant Governor’s Office of Prince Edward Island
  • Drafts of correspondence sent from the Governor-in-Chief of Lower Canada, the Governor-in-Chief of the Province of Canada
  • Ermatinger family estate fonds
  • Francis Goring fonds
  • Francis Reginald Scott fonds
  • General index to the Public Archives of Canada
  • George Brown fonds
  • George Foster fonds
  • Glyn, Mills and Company fonds
  • Governor General’s Office, drafts of Despatches to the Secretary of State and numbered files
  • Gustave Lamothe fonds
  • Heir and Devisee Commission
  • James Hargrave and family fonds
  • James J. Morrison fonds
  • James Monk and family fonds
  • Jean-Mandé Sigogne fonds
  • John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham fonds
  • Joseph Howe fonds
  • Journal ou relation d’une conspiration faite par les Sauvages contre les Anglais [Journal or description of an Indian conspiracy against the English]
  • Lady Aberdeen’s Journals
  • Letter books of despatches from and to the Colonial Office
  • Lower Canada, declarations of aliens
  • Percy R. Bengough fonds
  • Port records
  • Pre-Confederation despatches from the British Minister at Washington
  • Records relating to Louis Riel and the North West Uprising
  • Red River journal of Alexander Begg, 1869-1870
  • Royal Commission on Canada’s Economic Prospects fonds
  • Selected documents relating to the Jesuit Estates
  • Selkirk collection
  • Sir Robert Borden fonds
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier fonds
  • State submissions to the Executive Council of Upper Canada
  • Subject files of the Offices of the Governor-in-Chief at Quebec, the Governor-in-Chief of the Province of Canada
  • The centennial of the settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884: the celebrations at Adolphustown
  • Trades and Labor Congress of Canada
  • Traill family collection
  • Upper Canada Land Books
  • Upper Canada Sundries
  • Vatican Fonds
  • Ward Chipman (senior and junior) fonds
  • William Cowan fonds
  • William Henry Pope Fonds
  • William Lyon Mackenzie King fonds
  • William Stewart and family fonds
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