Newly digitized microfilms on the Héritage portal

Our project partner,, recently added the following digitized microfilms to the Héritage website. Please note that although the titles have been translated, the records are still in the language of origin.

  • 1891 census return for the City of Victoria
  • Abraham Heaps fonds
  • Alexander Henry the Younger fonds
  • Alexander Mackenzie fonds
  • Archibald Hayes Macdonell fonds
  • Archibald McMillan and family fonds
  • Banff National Park: Office of the Superintendent, 1893-1910
  • British Military and Naval Records. Admiralty Records
  • Cairine Reay Wilson fonds
  • Canada: Governor General’s Office, Internal Letterbooks, Upper Canada to and from Treasury
  • Canada East: Provincial Secretary numbered correspondence files, 1839-1867
  • Canada West: Provincial Secretary, numbered correspondence files, 1844 to 1867
  • Canadian Labour Congress fonds
  • Canadian Lutheran World Relief fonds
  • Canadian Related Documents from the Glynn R. de V. Barratt collection
  • Central Experimental Farm records
  • Charles E. Goad Company fonds
  • Charles Napier Bell fonds
  • Church Missionary Society fonds
  • Civil Secretary and Provincial Secretary, applications for licences, bonds and certificates. Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada East
  • Civil Secretary, appointments to offices. Upper Canada and Canada West
  • Civil Secretary’s letter books
  • Colonial Office: Colonies general original correspondence
  • Delancey-Robinson collection
  • Department of Agriculture fonds
  • Edgar Dewdney fonds
  • Edmund John Senkler fonds
  • Finnish Language Newspapers and Serial Publications
  • Fisheries Branch Registry files
  • Fonds des Archives départementales de la Charente-Maritime [La Rochelle, France] [Departmental archives of Charente-Maritime fonds [La Rochelle, France]]
  • Fonds de la famille Armand Lavergne [Armand Lavergne and family fonds]
  • Fonds de la famille Chartier de Lotbinière [Chartier de Lotbinière family fonds]
  • Fonds Marie de l’Incarnation [Marie de l’Incarnation Fonds]
  • Fonds Roger Comeau [Roger Comeau fonds]
  • France, colonial fonds, general correspondences
  • France, colonial administration, letters sent
  • France. Fonds des Archives nationales [France. National Archives fonds]
  • George Stephen, 1st Baron Mount Stephen fonds
  • Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey and family collection
  • Henry Wolsey Bayfield fonds
  • Home Bank of Canada fonds
  • Homestead grant registers
  • Index to Passenger Lists, 1900-1908
  • International Council of Women fonds
  • J. S. Woodsworth fonds
  • Jacques-Henri Fabien collection
  • James Bissett fonds
  • James Kempt fonds
  • John Bennet Marks fonds
  • John By and estate fonds
  • John Davis Barnett fonds
  • Jonathan Sewell and family fonds
  • Journal de Jean-Baptiste Minet, l’ingénieur et cartographe Minet, écrit en 1684 et 1685, racontant les explorations de René-Robert Cavelier de La Salle au Mississipi et dans le golfe du Mexique [Journal kept by Jean-Baptiste Minet, engineer and cartographer, written in 1684 and 1685, recalling his explorations]
  • Journals kept by Augustus R. Peers at Peel River, 1847-1853, with accounts for 1848 and 1851-1852
  • Kipling collection
  • Land documents concerning Quebec, Upper and Lower Canada, Canada East and Canada West and Canada
  • Land petitions and related records of the Executive Council
  • Lawrence Montague Lande collection
  • Likacheff-Ragosine-Mathers collection index
  • Louis-Philippe Brodeur fonds
  • Lovat Dickson fonds
  • Martha Field and Fanny Simpson and family fonds
  • Mather Byles Jr. and family fonds
  • McGinnis Family fonds
  • Militia and Defence
  • Minutes and records of the Land Boards accumulated by the Executive Council Office
  • Miscellaneous registers, Province of Canada and Canada, 1850-1953
  • Montreal Amateur Athletic Association fonds
  • Newton McFaul MacTavish fonds
  • Newton Wesley Rowell fonds
  • Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Sessional Papers
  • Orders in Council of the Executive Council of the Province of Canada
  • Parish registers: Newfoundland, Labrador and Nova Scotia
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Prime Minister, indexes to his correspondence
  • Collection de la famille Philippe Aubert de Gaspé [Philippe Aubert de Gaspé and family collection]
  • Princess Sophia Inquiry
  • Privy Council Office, Orders in Council: Minutes, annexes and reports
  • “Put by” Submissions to the Executive Council, of the Province of Canada, 1841-1873
  • Records of the Board of Railway Commissioners
  • Registrar of Shipping: St. John’s [Newfoundland], Arichat, Annapolis Royal, Barrington Passage, Digby, Halifax, Liverpool, Lunenburg, Parrsboro, Shelburne, Windsor, Yarmouth [Nova Scotia], Charlottetown [Prince Edward Island], Montréal [Québec], Port Burwell and Toronto [Ontario], Vancouver and Victoria [British Columbia]
  • Robert Prescott fonds
  • Robert Stanfield: card index to the Leader of the Opposition series and to unorganized portions of the collection
  • Royal Caledonian Curling Club, Canadian branch fonds
  • Royal Commission on Taxation fonds
  • Royal Newfoundland Regiment service files
  • Shawinigan Chemicals Limited fonds
  • Stanier family fonds
  • Superintendent of Indian Affairs in the Northern District of North America fonds
  • Thomas Wardlaw Taylor fonds
  • Trades and Labor Congress of Canada
  • United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel fonds
  • Upper Canada and Canada West: Returns of Population and Assessment
  • W. J. (Bill) Miller collection
  • War Cabinet Committee, 1938-1945
  • War diaries
  • War of 1812 pension records
  • Wesley N. Fujiwara fonds
  • William Buck fonds
  • William Dow and family fonds
  • William Hillary Clarke, MP fonds
  • William Lyon Mackenzie King: Family papers

3 thoughts on “Newly digitized microfilms on the Héritage portal

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  2. Hammett kirkes pinhey and family photos have been recently digitalised!! Please could you send me a link for these photos! Thank you!

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