Newly Digitized Microfilms on the Héritage Portal

Our project partner,, recently added the following digitized microfilms to the Héritage website. Please note that the titles have been translated for convenience, but the records are still in the language of origin. Searching in the original language will improve search results.

Adjutant General’s Office, Lower Canada: Registers of officers
Alexander John Ballantyne
Alice Massey
Audit Office: AO 13. Claims, American Loyalists – Series II: Selections
Board of Railway Commissioners: Registers of letters sent and received
Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations: Minutes and financial records
Canadian Government Railways
Canadian Government Railways: Office of the Chief Superintendent
Canadian Teachers’ Federation fonds
Charles Dade fonds
Chester Daniel Massey
Copyright Office: Copyright indexes
Correctional Service of Canada: Stony Mountain Penitentiary (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Department of External Affairs Library: Newspaper clippings and manuals
Department of Indian Affairs: Land sales series
Department of Indian Affairs: Trust fund ledgers
Department of Indian Affairs: Western Superintendency
Department of Indian Affairs, Headquarters central registry system
Department of Indian Affairs, Toronto office of the Central Superintendency: Correspondence
Department of Indian Affairs, Toronto office of the Central Superintendency: General land records
Department of Justice, Central Registry: Indexes and registers
Department of National Defence, Director of Naval Intelligence: Subject files
Department of National Defence, Joint Staff and Chiefs of Staff Committee: Signals
Department of Public Works: District Engineer’s Office, Pacific Region letterbooks
Department of Transport: Railway and ferry records
Dominion Council of Health fonds
Early Massey family records
Election returns
Ernest C. Mark fonds
France. Naval archives. Marine fonds: B1 Series, Decisions
France. Naval archives. Marine fonds: B3, Letters received
France. Colonial fonds: E series. Personal documents
France. Colonial fonds: G2 Series. Public records of the colonies
France. National Archives fonds: D1 Series, Correspondence regarding colonial troops
France. National Archives fonds: Records on colonial fortifications, North America
France. National Archives fonds: C11B Series. General correspondence
France National Archives fonds: C11F Series. General correspondence
France. National Archives fonds: C12 Series. General correspondence
France. National Archives fonds: D2C Series. Colonial troops
France. National Archives fonds: F2C Series. Colonies
France. National Archives fonds: F3 Series. Moreau de Saint-Méry Collection
France. National Archives fonds: F5A Series. Religious missions
George Boyd MacMillan fonds
Great Britain. Colonial Office: Canada, formerly British North America, original correspondence (CO 42)
Great Britain. War Office. Ordinance Office: Miscellanea (WO 55)
Hart Almerrin Massey
Il Giornale di Toronto, 1972–1973
Index to the registry files of the office of the Surveyor General
Indian Affairs: Office of the Governor General, petitions, 1839–1850
John Armistead Wilson fonds
John Robert Clarke Macredie
Joseph Brant and family fonds
King-Stewart Family, Nova Scotia: Finding Aid No. 577
Louis Rosenberg fonds
Neilson collection: Historical miscellanea
Northwest Mounted Police: Telegrams of the Commissioner’s Office, 1882–1919
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer: Preliminary List of Electors
Office of the Custodian of Enemy Property, Administration of the Affairs of Persons of Japanese race
Office of the Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs: General operational records, 1862–1872
Office of the Official Arbitrators of the Dominion of Canada: Register of correspondence sent
Post Office Department, Transportation Branch: Correspondence related to mail privileges and government patronage
Post Office Inspector’s Office, Canada West
Railway Committee of the Privy Council: Correspondence
Record of the Canadian Command Letterbook, John Dalton Deputy Adjutant General, Quebec, 1796–1797
Royal Canadian Mounted Police: Crime indexes and registers, 1902–1919
Royal Canadian Mounted Police: Letterbooks to the Comptroller (1881–1906)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Depot Division: Letterbooks
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, F Division: Letterbooks of the Commanding Officer, 1884–1903
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Office of the Commissioner: Letterbooks relating to sick horses
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Office of the Comptroller: Accounts, contracts and supplies
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Office of the Comptroller: Letterbooks of Commissioner George Arthur French
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Office of the Comptroller: Letterbooks, 1883–1919
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Office of the Comptroller, official correspondence: Indexes and registers
Royal Canadian Mounted Police. C Division. Battleford records
Royal Commission on the Status of Women
Simon McGillivray Jr. fonds
Taché Family fonds: Notarial acts and legal documents
Thomas Leopold Wilson
Toronto Board of Trade: Annual reports
Toronto Board of Trade: Board of Trade News and Journal
Toronto Board of Trade: Council minutes
Toronto Board of Trade: Reports to council
Vincent Massey
Walter Butler Cheadle fonds
William von Moll Berczy fonds with Finding Aid No. 718

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