Latest digitized microfilms on the Héritage Portal

Our project partner,, recently added the following digitized microfilms to the Héritage website. Please note that the titles have been translated for convenience, but the records are still in the language of origin. Searching in the original language will improve search results.

Adjutant General’s Office, United Canada: Registers of officers
Canada East: Provincial Secretary letterbooks, Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada East
Canada West: Provincial Secretary letterbooks
Canadian Seamen’s Union newspapers and bulletins
Collection of the Commission overseeing colonial boundaries
Communist Party of Canada fonds
Department of Indian Affairs, Headquarters central registry system: engineering and construction files series
Department of Indian Affairs: Office of the Chief Superintendent in Upper Canada, 1831-1850
Department of Indian Affairs: Program Reference Centre and Treaties and Historical Research Centre
Department of Indian Affairs: Saddle Lake Agency
Department of Indian Affairs: Saugeen Agency
Department of Indian Affairs, Six Nations Superintendency: Grand River claims
Department of Justice, Central Registry: legal opinions and material of precedential value
Department of Labour, Deputy Minister’s Office: Lacelle files
Department of Marine: Reports to the Privy Council, letterbooks
Department of Public Works, Board of Works records: letterbooks
Department of Public Works, Board of Works records: reports, 1839-1863
Department of Public Works, docket registry system: registers and indexes
Department of Railways and Canals, Canal Branch: correspondence, registers and indexes, 1838-1936
Department of Railways and Canals, Legal records: Commissioners of the Transcontinental Railway
Department of the Interior, Dominion Lands Branch: Métis and original White settlers affidavits
Department of the Interior: Registers and indexes relating to Métis and Original White Settlers land records, 1877-1927
Egmont Bay Road Seed Club fonds
Eighteenth century selection of documents relating to Indian Affairs
Fonds du Service historique de la Marine à Rochefort
France, Arsenal Library, Bastille Archives
France. Arsenal Library Fonds
France. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Briefs and documents
France. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Political correspondence
France. Naval Archives. Marine Fonds: B2 Series, Orders and dispatches
France. Naval Archives. Marine Fonds: B4 Series, Campaigns
France. Naval Archives. Marine Fonds: C1 Series, Military Officers
France. National Archives, ancient section, Special jurisdictions, French Admiralty: Sub-series Z1D
France. National Archives, ancient section, historical monuments: K Series
France. National Archives Fonds: AD Series. Printed Archives. Rondonneau Collection
France. National Archives Fonds: M Series. Mixed
France. National Archives Fonds: S Series. Confiscated property from religious establishments
France. National Archives Fonds: T Series. Private papers that are now in the public domain
France. National Archives Fonds: V6 Series. Privy Council
France. National Archives Fonds: X Series. Paris Parliament
France. National Archives Fonds: Y Series. Châtelet de Paris
France, War Ministry. Technical Committee on Engineering. Archives
Frank Hawkins Underhill: General correspondence
Frederick John Alexander fonds
General Post Office of Great Britain transcripts
General pre-Confederation Indian Department: Departmental organization and investigations
General registers of Chinese immigration
Great Britain. Admiralty: Admirals’ Journals (ADM 50)
Great Britain. Admiralty. Admiralty and Secretariat: out-letters (ADM 2)
Great Britain. Admiralty. Admiralty and Secretariat: papers (ADM 1)
Great Britain. Admiralty: Captains’ logs (ADM 51)
Great Britain. Admiralty: Masters logs (ADM 52)
Great Britain. Colonial Office: America and West Indies, original correspondence, etc. (CO 5)
Great Britain. Colonial Office: Colonies General, Entry Books, 1 Series (CO 324): Entry Books of Commissions
Great Britain. Colonial Office: New Brunswick, acts (CO 190)
Great Britain. Foreign Office fonds: records pertaining to British North America
Great Britain. War Office (WO 28): America
Great Britain. War Office. Commissariat Department: out-letters (WO 58)
Great Britain. War Office. Ordnance Office: in-letters (WO 44)
Guillaume Monforton, notary for Detroit, 1786-1792 Fonds
Halifax, North Sidney, Quebec City and Vancouver ship manifest
James G. Endicott and family fonds: [selections]
Japanese Canadian Citizens Association fonds
Journal of Esteban José Martinez
Lionel Massey
Montreal Immigration Agency
National Library of France. Manuscript Department: Mixed Colbert
North West Mounted Police: Letterbooks of the Acting Adjutant at Regina
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer: Notices of grants of poll
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer: Voters’ lists for General Elections
Office of the Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs: correspondence, 1789-1830
Office of the Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs: Reports and statements, 1862-1874
Pierre and Pierre-Ambroise Gamelin Fonds
Post Office Department, Administrative Branch: General correspondence
Post Office Department: Chief Post Office Inspector
Province of Quebec: Journals of the Legislative Council, 1775-1791
Public Service Commission: Commissioners meetings
Quebec Gazette
Railway Branch, Registers, Indexes and Journals
Recueil d’extraits de registres du Parlement de Normandie
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada: Minutes
Royal Canadian Mounted Police: D Division letterbooks
Royal Canadian Mounted Police: G Division Letterbooks from Fort Saskatchewan
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Office of the Commissioner: official correspondence: indexes and registers, 1876-1920
Royal Commission on the Economic Union and Development Prospects for Canada fonds
Secretary of Indian Affairs in Lower Canada
Secretary of Indian Affairs, Lower Canada and Canada East, and Resident Agent at Montreal
Society of Friends fonds: finding aid no. 20
State submissions to the Executive Council [Province of Canada], 1841-1867: indexes and registers
Tadeusz Romer fonds: diplomatic activities
Third Army Central Registry
Toronto Board of Trade: committee, section and branch minutes
Treasury Board (Committee of the Privy Council): indexes and registers
Vladimir Julian Kaye fonds
War Diaries of the First World War
War Ministry. Army historical service. Historical Archives: A1 Series. General correspondence
William Lyon Mackenzie collection
William Saint-Laurent Fonds
Zionist Organization of Canada: minute books

1 thought on “Latest digitized microfilms on the Héritage Portal

  1. It would be helpful if you indicated how much of each collection has been made available on this site – for example 3 reels out of 250. When I have looked at collections I am interested in I have usually found that only a few, randomly chosen, reels have been added to the site, with no indication what is on the reel or why these particular reels were chosen. It would be very helpful if the finding aid were the first item in the collection to be digitized.

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