“It made you intensely proud to see it standing there”: How the Vimy Memorial survived the Second World War

By Andrew Horrall Canadian Army Newsreel No. 42 must have been very exciting to watch in September 1944. In an era before television, cinema audiences followed the events of the Second World War through these short films. Scenes of liberated cities … Continue reading

The Battle of Vimy Ridge – war art

By Katie Cholette The Battle of Vimy Ridge captured the imagination of professional and amateur artists alike. Some of these artists served in uniform and participated in the battle. Other artists were not present, but painted the battlefields after the … Continue reading

The Battle of Vimy Ridge – memorialization

By Andrew Horrall In the days following the battle of Vimy Ridge, newspaper headlines throughout the allied countries proclaimed that Canada’s soldiers had captured an objective that had long-seemed impossible. Families of those in uniform greeted the news with excitement … Continue reading

Beyond Vimy: The Rise of Air Power, Part 1

Library and Archives Canada is releasing its latest podcast episode, “Beyond Vimy: The Rise of Air Power, Part 1”. April 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the attack and capture of Vimy Ridge, when all four divisions of the Canadian Corps … Continue reading

The Battle of Vimy Ridge – the Canadian Corps and its preparations

By Marcelle Cinq-Mars Following Britain’s ultimatum to Germany and the resulting declaration of war, the Dominion of Canada found itself de facto swept up in the turmoil. Such were the ties of Empire between Great Britain and Canada in August 1914. … Continue reading

The 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge: a collaboration with The National Archives

Over the next month, Library and Archives Canada and The National Archives of the United Kingdom will be shining a light on the role that the Canadian contingent played in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, as we commemorate the 100th … Continue reading