A Brief Introduction to Archival and Published Material Research

Archival Documents

Archives Search provides general information on all of our archival documents, such as maps, correspondence, photographs, diaries and audiovisual material. However, some of our holdings are also described individually in detail (down to the item level).

For example, the documents in the Transport Canada collection are described broadly in this database and include some airplane accident reports, which are described in more detail.  However, in the majority of cases, you will only find general references to these accident reports.

Published Documents

Library Search functions similarly to the Archives Search. It provides general descriptions of published material, such as newspapers, books, or magazines in our holdings.

For example, in the case of magazines, you will only find general information about the publication (title, publisher, etc.), but you will not find a complete list of all the years that we possess. In addition, the description does not include the titles of the articles that are published in the magazine.

Additionally, your research may prove unsuccessful if the keywords used are not recognized by the search engine. If this happens, try searching using a synonym or an alternate spelling of the keyword.

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