About the Blog

Launched in November 2011 as a pilot project, the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) blog is just one of our initiatives to modernize the way we communicate with you. Since the project was very well received, we have decided to continue blogging. Your feedback is important to help us improve this service, so please tell us what you think.

Who is behind the blog?

Multidisciplinary teams at LAC contribute to updating the blog and responding to posted comments.

Whom should I contact if I have comments or suggestions?

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. You may use the comments section in this blog or send an email to bac.blogue-blog.lac@canada.ca.

We will read all comments, but we unfortunately cannot answer them all.

How is this blog different from LAC’s website?

The blog responds to frequently asked questions. It also allows you to post comments, ask questions and communicate with not only LAC but also with other people or organizations interested in the heritage and history of Canada.

Is this blog available in both official languages?

Yes. Visit the Blogue de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada to access our blog posts in French. You can submit questions and comments in the language of your choice.

11 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. I can’t wait to see what wonderful things will come up on this blog. I will follow for sure. Me? My blog is FamilyTreesMayContainNuts and I assure you I am one of them.
    My family line is Metis from Manitoba and French traced right back Louis Hebert and Marie Rollet who were my 11th. Great Grandparents. I have found a great deal of information on your website in the past.

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  3. I have a feeling that your blog is difficult for many people to find. When I first started following it there was a link from the LAC main web page. That disappeared quite a while ago and while I was assured that the blog would soon be one of the links at the bottom of the page this has not happened. It seems that the redesign of the web page has stalled.

  4. Thank you for this blog! I am using it to let you know that I have a blog that includes a transcription of most of the 600 + pages of a document held by LAC, the “Schedule of propositions made by the Indians and answers given to them ….” Maybe it would be useful to you and/or your patrons.
    Click here for more: https://thecommissionersformanagingtheindianaffairsatalbany.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/schedule-of-propositions-made-by-the-indians-1677-1714/
    I would love to get feedback. I sent an email to LAC Reference to let them know, but I could not find any other contact info on the LAC website.
    The web is a wild place and digital collections float around in interesting ways. It’s good for institutions to know what is happening to their materials.
    Thanks again,

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