Images of fishing now on Flickr

Indigenous peoples have been fishing the rivers and waterways of Canada for thousands of years, using a variety of fishing methods, such as hooks, lines, nets, traps and spears.

A black-and-white photograph of a man wearing a hat, coat and tie leaning against a fence post and holding a string of fish.

First Nations man with a string of fish (MIKAN 3385816)

Plentiful fish stocks in Canada provided a dietary staple for local communities and contributed to European exploration and eventual settlement. Harvesting this natural resource evolved with time, running the gamut from subsistence to sport to commercial fishing. The French were one of the first colonial powers to establish seasonal fishing stations for cod in Canada. And later, when the British arrived, the number of stations increased steadily, along with the diversity of species that were sought.

A black-and-white photograph of a man posing in front of Rupert Brand crates with two large salmon and two large halibut.

Halibut and salmon, Rupert Brand Fish (MIKAN 3359156)

Despite technological advances in commercial fishing, the pastime of solitary or small-group fishing continues to thrive, and is encouraged and supported in Canada to this day.

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1 thought on “Images of fishing now on Flickr

  1. Wow I can’t believe they were fishing in full suit attire. They could go fishing and then attend church with the same outfit on. Thanks for the info, i’ll have to go over there at Flickr and look at some more photos.

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