New Library and Archives Canada Film on YouTube

Did you know that Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has a YouTube channel where historical films are made available from our holdings?

The latest addition to our YouTube channel is the silent documentary The Tide of Immigration. This film is part of the Canadian National Pictorial Series and was produced by Pathéscope of Canada Limited between 1919 and 1921.

Black and white image of three women, smiling in a crowd.

Early 20th-century films depicting the lives of newcomers to Canada are rare, especially film footage of immigrant children who were cared for at the Dr. Barnardo Homes. This compilation of news reels includes varied footage of new settlers and life in Canada during that time period.

Film sequences show Irish immigrants in a knitting factory; people enjoying the scenery at Grand Beach, Manitoba; and other stories for you to discover. Intertitles (text that appears between the film sequences) provide some contextual information.

Discover more! Consult Discover the Collection: Films, Videos and Sound Recordings to begin your online search today!

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