How to Order Digitized Reproductions and Help Build the Digital Collection

Do you need a reproduction of an item in the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) collection? If so, follow the easy instructions and useful tips below to make the process a seamless one!

  1. Go to our online Order Form.
  2. Read the instructions carefully and select all mandatory options. (If you select purposes other than research or private study under Declaration of Use, your request may be subject to copyright restrictions.)
  3. Select Continue to go to the next page.
  4. Choose the reproduction format you wish to receive. (Each of the six format options varies in price.)
  5. Fill out the Item Description section, providing the reference number and all relevant information for the material you wish to have reproduced. When you are done, select the Add to shopping cart button to review your order.
  6. Select the Checkout button once you have all the items you need. This will bring you to the Client Information/Method of Shipping and Billing page where you can finalize your order.
  7. You can submit your order online or print the form and send it by fax or mail. Select the option you prefer at the end of the form.


  • Provide your contact information when you finalize your order so LAC staff can inform you of any restrictions.
  • Visit our Price List and Service Standardsto find out how much your order will cost and when you can expect to receive it.
  • Choose the Photocopy or PDF option to receive a reproduction of a textual document; choose the Digital Copy option for copies of photographs and larger items.
  • Access Examples of Reference Numbers to find out what information we need to process your order.
  • Complete the form with as much detail and information as you can to help us process your order quickly and easily.


Did you know that you can help make a broader range of LAC holdings available to others? You can do this by choosing the PDF option (either the URL link by email or the CD) when you order a complete file—for example, a soldier’s file from the First World War. Your images can then be repurposed for the LAC website, whenever permissible. Help us build the LAC digital collection; the URL link will save you money on shipping fees too!

Questions or comments? We would love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “How to Order Digitized Reproductions and Help Build the Digital Collection

  1. As there is a public as well as a private benefit to the digitization option why wouldn’t the individual be issued a tax receipt for the public value of their contribution to making the digitized version available? Or is the public benefit of no value?

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  4. Since the announcement “Modernizing Textual Reprography Services at LAC” it appears no corresponding changes have been made with regard to the form you provide for Reproduction Requests. It’s not clear — at least to me — what format one should request to take advantage of what appears to be the most economical means of obtaining textual material. Further, the prices/rates you show don’t readily tie into a situation where there will a quantity of images (assumedly PDF) that become available at the URL. How about providing some pricing examples and addressing some of the form’s shortcomings?

  5. I will be putting in a small order for digital images from your collection to use in a book titled The Frontier of Patriotism: Alberta and the First World War to be published by the University of Calgary Press in 2016. There will be a print version as well as an open source version on their website. Can you give me an idea of cost per digital image because I need to do an estimate for the U of C Press. Thanks so much.

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