5 thoughts on “Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II images now on Flickr 

  1. Some of the photos of Queen Elizabeth II posted by LAC on Flickr are of poor quality, and the descriptions and information given with most of the pictures are pathetic. Does no one at LAC know what these photos of our monarch represent or when they were taken ????

    • Thank you for your comments; many of these photos are candid and span several decades. They were taken with a variety of cameras by different individuals. Archival descriptions are based on the available information on-hand. Unfortunately, not all dates, locations, or names are verifiable.

  2. The captions are terrible. In one a member of the Royal Canadian Legion carrying a wreath at the War Memorial is identified as John Diefenbaker! In another the Canadian Cabinet is referred to as just a group of men and women around a table. It would be very easy to find someone with a knowledge of Canadian and British history to improve the captions before they were posted on the blog. Of course there are LAC staff who could do this.

  3. Although no one seems to be checking for comments on this posting and there does not seem to be any interest in correcting any of the captions to this album, I have made some suggestions just in case.
    Image No. 2 – Caption “Queen Elizabeth and Princess Elizabeth” It is Princess Margaret, not her sister.
    No 13 – Her Majesty at the Opening of Parliament.
    No. 22 – This picture was not taken in Ottawa – probably in Buckingham Palace.
    No. 26 – the man with the Queen and the Prince is the Governor General, Vincent Massey and the location Rideau Hall.
    No. 27 – the man carrying the wreath is not Prime Minister Diefenbaker. He is a member of the Royal Canadian Legion – probably the Dominion President – check The Legionary magazine.
    No. 28 – this and the previous image were taken at the War Memorial in Ottawa. The Queen and Prince have just laid a wreath (seen in previous picture).
    No 30 – described as “Men and women seated at long table” – The people in the pictures are the members of the Canadian Cabinet, along with the Queen, Prince Philip and the Governor General. It would be quite easy to identify them all.
    No 34 – The group includes Mayor George Nelms and Prime Minister Diefenbaker.
    No. 35 – The Queen and Prince Philip are being driven along Sparks Street in Ottawa, just after they left Christ Church Cathedral (see image number 39) and probably are on their way to the War Memorial (numbers 27 and 28).
    No. 58 – the image has been reversed – look at the lettering on the plane.
    If there had been some logical arrangement to the pictures in the album (chronological would have been best) and if whoever prepared the album had been able to spend a few minutes looking at a source such as the Royal Tour and Coronation issues of Weekend Magazine when preparing the captions the album might have been greatly improved.

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