2 thoughts on “Franklin Expedition images now on Flickr

  1. I am glad to see this aspect of our history being featured in a Flickr album. Some of the images chosen are lovely. It is unfortunate that because of the minimal nature of the introduction and the captions those who are not familiar with the story of Sir John Franklin will find it difficult to understand the relevance of some of the images to that story. Surely among the historians who were on the staff of LAC someone could have been found to write a more informative introduction and improve the captions.. And I do hope that you will soon learn that you should not say “the HMS” (i.e. “the Her Majesty’s Ship”). Use either “the” or “HMS” before the name of the ship, but not both. Also, it is customary to refer to a ship as “she” or “her” rather than “it.” (See the quotation which is part of the title for the eleventh image.)

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