Did your ancestors come from Germany?

Do you want to know who your first German ancestor was and when he or she left Germany and arrived in Canada? Are you curious about your German origins?

If so, our website is a great place to begin your research. Here you will find a page dedicated to genealogical research on the Germans. This page provides you with historical information, archival documents and published material from the Library and Archives Canada collection, as well as links to other websites and institutions.

If your ancestor came to Canada between 1865 and 1935, you might find his or her name on the passenger lists.

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2 thoughts on “Did your ancestors come from Germany?

  1. Hello! My ancestors came from Ireland on the Nova Scotian in August of 1885. Dermot Cole, his wife and many sons arrived in Halifax. I have found six documents that Dermot, my great great grandfather wrote to the government, but can’t access them and need help. They are archived in Libraries and Archives Canada website. Is anyone available to assist?
    I have felt very strongly in regard to Dermot, born in 1832, and am following my instincts to bring his skill and determination to the forefront.
    His son, James Cole, my great grandfather, drown in the Bay of Fundy disaster on the City of Monticello in 1900… 😦

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