Images of Geese now on Flickr

Geese are waterfowl and are found mainly in North America, Europe and parts of Asia. They range in size from the large Canada Goose to the small Ross’s Goose. Six species of geese (Brant, Cackling Goose, Canada Goose, Greater White-fronted Goose, Ross’s Goose, Snow Goose) breed in Canada’s boreal forest and tundra regions. Geese adapt to a variety of environments if there are plentiful grasses, grains and berries available. These waterfowl are migratory and normally spend their summer months in northern areas, heading south for the winter. However, being very adaptable birds, many geese stay in parks, golf courses and suburban areas as the weather gets colder.

A black-and-white photograph of two adult Canada Geese and three one-day-old goslings standing on a lawn

Canada Geese and one-day-old goslings, Kingsville, Ontario (MIKAN 3359099)

A black-and-white photograph of a man supporting a Canada Goose under his right arm and holding its neck with his left hand. The goose’s right leg has an identification band around it

John Thomas Miner holding a Canada Goose (MIKAN 4315320)

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