10 thoughts on “New Blog Series: Improving your online experience

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  2. I was able to set up an account using the new My Account feature, but on the pages that I use every day, there is no icon that allows me to sign in. I am a military researcher and I use the “Search: Personnel Records of the First World War” every day.

    • Hi there, thanks for reaching out. Currently the Sign in button is only visible from 3 locations on our web site: Collection Search, Co-Lab and the Documentary Heritage Communities Program portal.

      We encourage you to access the First World War Personnel Records through Collection Search. That way, you will see the Sign in button at the top right and will also be able benefit from adding military records to My Research.

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  4. Thank you for the update on this activity.

    Your sneak peek at the new website shows equal profile given to six aspects of LAC services, whereas the existing site provides direct links to major resources for services to the public, like census and military heritage. Will that mean an extra step for by far the largest client group?

    Please consider adding a way to keep current with new resources as they become available, much as Canadiana.ca does at https://www.crkn-rcdr.ca/en/whats-new-canadiana-collections/.

    I found your email in my spam folder. Perhaps there something in the content that made it suspicious!

    • Thanks so much for your comment. The service page shown in the sneak peek is just one of the pages on our new website, not the main page. We are working hard to make improvements so that researchers, at all levels, can easily find information. For launch, we focused on the most popular and consulted topics and we will tell you more about these changes in our upcoming posts. But rest assured, we will continue to make improvements to our online presence after launch; it’s one of our Vision 2030 commitments. Finally, regarding updates: that’s the plan! We have so many wonderful additions in development, and we will keep you informed as they become available.

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