Mission Accomplished! Access to 15 Databases in One Stop!

On December 18, 2012, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) announced the upcoming deployment of a series of 15 databases on Canadian census returns. Following the online publication of the 1861 Census returns database a few weeks ago, LAC is proud to report: mission accomplished!

Now, using the LAC website, it is possible to consult nominal indexes for census returns from 1825 to 1916. That is a total of more than 32 million documents. Moreover, all these indexes are available at no cost!

This massive undertaking required continuous cooperation from members of a number of LAC teams, as well as highly organized operations, over a number of

What is the final result?

  • A clear presentation that is consistent with the Government of Canada’s Internet accessibility standards.
  • The ability to perform a search using nominal or geographical criteria.
  • Standardized geographic metadata that is now available in both official languages.
  • The ability to choose between images in JPG or PDF formats.
  • The ability to suggest corrections.
  • Weekly automatic updates.

And, ultimately, for you, valued users, a much simpler and easier way to trace your ancestors!

Questions or comments? We would love to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished! Access to 15 Databases in One Stop!

  1. It’s nice to have this database available, I’m just disappointed that it removed the ability to browse each census page-by-page. What if I can’t find my ancestor in the index because their name was transcribed incorrectly? What happens when a family starts on one page and finishes on the next? If the names of the family on the second page are unknown how would I be able to use the database to search?

    It limits research by restricting visitors to the name search only. Please bring back the option to browse! Thank you.

  2. I am truly amazed and interested to see how this all works. I enjoy looking up information that leads to my ancestors. I have tried in the past to do searches, but the programs are very complex and expensive.

  3. Why does the One Stop Census link page continue to say -” Census of 1921 (Ancestry.ca subscription required)”. The Ancestry page images are apparently free for anyone to view.
    Agree also with the above comment on page to page searching. Ease of use should be one of the first considerations when developing/redoing database access.

  4. There has been no answer to the comments on the loss of the ability to browse the records page by page. There are many researchers who would like to be able to do this, for many reasons. What plans does LAC have to restore this option?

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